How To Bet on Soccer

It is increasingly common to see.

Betting on sport that in the past was seen as wrong and also illegal because we have had several controversies involving even big teams with result manipulation.

Sites like Bet365 started this revolution in the world of sports betting and today we see these bookmakers stamped on team shirts.

How to Bet on Soccer

Three-Way Moneyline. What is?

It speaks for istself. The 3 way moneyline gives three options to pick from before placing money on a game. In soccer you can choose to bet on Team A win, Team B win ou a tie.

The results of the three way moneyline can only be available on the 90 minutes of the game or what is known as “Regular Time” including any injury or stoppage time added by the referee and won’t include overtimes or penalty shootouts.

Two-Way Moneyline. What is?

There is also another way in soccer for bets. The two way moneyline is pretty simple

Goal Lines (aka Spreads)

Where Can I Bet on Soccer?

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