5 Best Foosball Tables of 2023

Anyone who had childhood must have played on a foosball table and must also have many positive memories of that phase especially who lived in the 70’s.

Nowadays with the social mídia and videogames the kids don’t have much contact with this table.

We can even consider to be a retro decoration item but it can be well used in meetings with friends or even to be used at parties to impress and have a good time.

To help you choose, we made a list of the best foosball tables this year.

What is a Foosball Table?

Foosball, which can be called soccer on the table, is a game where 2 or 4 players manipulate mini dolls that are attached to bars and simulating a soccer match.

Just like in soccer, the objective is to score goals, and the player or team that scores the most goals wins.

You can find this type of table in bars, schools, colleges and companies, being a hobby for any age.

Top Foosball Tables



KICK Triumph Foosball Table




KICK Legend Foosball Table



Tornado Foosball Table



ESPN Arcade Foosball Table



American Legend Foosball Table


How to choose Foosball Table

The Purpose of the Table

Before buying a table it is important to know what the purpose of your purchase is.

As stated earlier, the Foosball table can be a decoration item or it can also be an item that will be used a lot in recreation.

Be aware of the types of tables before purchasing a table so as not to buy one that is not suitable for end use and always keep in mind the durability of the product.

Table Types

Before buying a foosball table, it is important to know obvious things such as the size and color, but more importantly, know your intention.

There are 2 types of tables nowadays marketed online.

  • Mini table
  • Standard Table

The mini tables are great for those who travel a lot and like to have more interaction with people. The problem is that they are limited in size and may be more suitable for children.

The standard tables nowadays are mostly lighter and are great for decoration or for a play area for both adults and children who can play. They are usually very large.

The Best Brands

The best brands in the national and international market today are Warrior, Klopf, Hathaway and Impar Sports.


Which is the best one to buy?

If you don’t care about price the best ones:


If you want value for money:


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