8 Best Football Betting Sites 2023

If you are looking to have fun with sports betting it is important to choose a reliable website because there are many fraudulent websites and platforms.

That’s why we’ve made a list of the safest sites for online sports betting and their features.

But first, here is some information for your knowledge.

 Sports betting recommendations

  • Use tools like Odds Scanner because the information can help you make more calculated and thoughtful bets with less passionate emotions.
  • Look for promotional sessions to make your bet earn more.
  • Evaluate the site before placing a bet.
  • Set limits for fun and don’t compromise your mental and financial health.
  • Bet for fun and not for profession!

Best Sports Betting Sites

1. Sportsbet.io

This website belongs to the Yolo Group which was founded in 2014 with casino-style games being the pioneers in gambling games and you can also make bets with bitcoin or crypto.

In addition to many sports as a betting option, the site has a very simple interface to use to choose the modalities you want to bet on. Ranging from sports like football to e-sports.

Sportsbet.io has been investing heavily and is the main sponsor of teams such as São Paulo (Brazil), Arsenal and Southampton FC.

2. Betano

Betano is a bookmaker based in Greece that is increasingly gaining space for always innovating.

Sponsor of great teams such as Atlético Mineiro (Brazil), Fluminense (Brazil), Benfica (Portugal), Porto (Portugal) and Olympiacos (Greece) among others. 

It can be said that it is well structured globally offering a range of sports to place bets on.

The site offers a 100% welcome bonus up to R$200 for new accounts – check it out here.

3. Bet365

This site you have certainly heard about or seen an advertisement on TV or on the internet because it has been in activity for a long time.

The site is founded by billionaire Denise Coates and started in the early 2000s and today the site is valued at $12.2 billion. 

We can say that it is a more than reliable site when it comes to following the rules.

Bet365, despite having a focus on sports betting, offers the possibility of casino-style games as well. 

Like Betano, it also offers a 100% welcome bonus up to R$200 – check it out here.

4. Betfair

Founded by Edward Wray and Andrew Black and now owned by the Irish company Flutter Entertainment plc, Betfair offers several promotions, special offers with up to R$200 as a bonus for new users — check it out.

The main official sponsor of CONMEBOL and tournaments such as Libertadores da América, Copa Sudamericana, the Carioca Championship, and even the transmissions of the South American World Cup qualifiers.

It has already been a sponsor of clubs such as Juventus (Italy)

The platform is highly recommended by recurring bettors and also by betting experts.

5. Betsson

One of the most intuitive platforms according to the EGBA (European Gaming and Betting Association), it offers bonuses of up to R$200 – check it out here.

Betsson is a global leader in the sports betting sector and was once an official sponsor of Copa América.

6. VBet

Based in Armenia, VBet is a betting site founded in 2003 by 2 brothers. With good offers of welcome packs, the company offers R$500 for new accounts – Check it out here.

The site belongs to Bet Construct, which is a global provider of gaming technology. 

The company has also been investing in sports with partnerships with organizations such as the Alliance (Sweden) and with football teams such as AS Monaco (France).

7. LeoVegas

The Swedish website of founders Gustaf Hagman and Robin Ramm-Ericson, LeoVegas, has been collecting more customers with many bonus options up to R$8,000, daily promotions, and weekly prizes for different betting categories – check it out here for more information.

It has sponsored teams such as A.S Roma (Italy), and also Norwich City F.C. from England.

With an easy-to-use interface, the site has won awards from the EGC Nordic Awards and the Global Gaming Awards in the Online Casino category.

8. Betway

Licensed in Malta by the Malta Gaming Authority (MGA) in 2006, Betway is owned by the Super Group and went public in 2021 and merged with Sports Entertainment Acquisition Corp.

Despite a less attractive promotion than other platforms, with a bonus of up to R$100 for new users who make their first deposit, the platform is one of the safest and most solid on the market, being a sponsor of NBA (basketball) teams such as, Brooklyn Nets, Chicago Bulls, Cleveland Cavaliers, LA Clippers and Golden State Warriors and also well-known teams in e-Sports.

Check out the promotions and benefits offered by Betway here.


Which is the best place to start?

If you are new to betting and that an easier site to use

  • Sportsbet.io
  • Betano
  • Vbet
  • Betway

If you already place bets or are experienced and want more possibilities of winnings in addition to sports betting

  • Bet365
  • Betfair
  • Betsson
  • Leo Vegas

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